Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring

A Forest to Floor Process

We can all agree, it’s been a long winter, and an even longer year – so we have a solution for you: A SUMMER REFRESH. But let’s make it green, sustainable and local with Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring. That’s a terrific trifecta if you ask us. We are so honored to have this incredible line featured in our showroom.


 What’s to know about AMHF?

Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring is a family owned & operated company (just like us!). They started this venture in 1938 and have grown their business into the enterprise it is today. Based out of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, the Hickman family prides themselves on a forest to floor process.

“To create the Best Hardwood Flooring we start with the Best Wood from the Best Trees. Unlike most mills throughout the country we have complete control of the flooring production. Starting in the forest, then through the sawmill, dry kilns, and the flooring plant. This control allows us to produce superior quality flooring for your home.”


Solid or engineered?

Let’s talk about the options you have between solid versus engineered hardwood.

“Allegheny Mountain hardwood flooring is offered as solid & engineered unfinished flooring. Our solid options allow for cleaner grades than the engineered. We recommend engineered for below grade application and when gluing directly on concrete. Our engineered has a wear layer similar to solid that can be sanded and refinished multiple times.”


An engineered hardwood that allows for refinishing, not just one, but multiple times? It does exist! How do I get my hands on some, what’s the process?

“Create Your Perfect Custom Hardwood Floor – We understand how difficult choosing a custom hardwood floor can be. At Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring we want the very best for all our customers. A quality custom hardwood floor is an investment for your home. Our flooring can last over 100 years adding value to your home long into the future. We will help you find the floor that best reflects your lifestyle, your home’s design, works with your budget, and will add value to your home.”

Choose your species

“Choose Your Species – The right species is very important to consider in order to get the floor that works best for your home and desired look. White Oak & Red Oak are the most popular for overall versatility, hardness and stability. R&Q Beech is a unique and beautiful floor. Hickory is the hardest domestic specie but is not very stable. Cherry & Walnut have true elegance but are slightly softer hardwood floors. Learn more about each species on our species page.”

“Choose Your Grade – Consider how much of the tree’s natural characteristics you’d like to see in the floor. Our character grade, “natural” is equal to “clear” and “select” in terms of quality of wood. Natural will include sound knots, mineral streaks, worm holes and other natural characteristics.”

Choose your cut

“Choose Your Cut – We offer Rift & Quarter Sawn, Live Sawn and Plain Sawn cutting options. We have become well known in the hardwood flooring industry for the exceptional quality of our R&Q flooring. Our professional reputation is based on the consistent quality and our attention to detail, offering flooring with tighter grading specification than the industry requires.”

“Choosing Widths & Lengths – Widths from 2 ¼” – 12” Are available. Narrow widths are more traditional and create a more formal appearance. Wide planks allow you to see more of each board fewer seams. Our rift & quarter sawn and live sawn are available as solid due to the stability of the cuts. Engineered also available.”

“Patterns & Textures – Parquet floors are back in style. Custom patterns in Herringbone, Chevron, Basketweave, End Grain, are all very popular. We’re seeing patterns created in everything from traditional clear grades to large live sawn herringbone floors full of natural characteristics. We also offer custom surface treatments that create a reclaimed look to our wood flooring. We have various options from full hand scraped, which is truly done by hand, to wire brush, hand crafted edge, and circle sawn.”



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