Bellera Carpeting: Backed by Blue

Something borrowed, something…… BLUE! If you haven’t heard the buzz surrounding Bellera carpet – it’s time to tune in on this innovative line from Shaw Floors. Here’s what they say; “Forget what you think you know about carpet. Introducing a beautiful carpet like no other. Bellera ages gracefully and maintains its beauty. Major resistance. Unbeatable performance. Superior durability. Bellera is about to change your life – and it’s all good”.

This carpet was built for the messiness life can bring sometimes. Bellera is constructed with new fiber innovation and a R2X coating that is backed by the ultimate spill-proof backing, protected from top to bottom providing you with complete protection. 

But along with the high performance of this line is the stylish range of options you have as a consumer. Flooring fashion just got functional! Warm or cool tones, solids and patterns large or small, plush or loop style.. options can be endless with Bellera. 

We recently had a customer walk in to the showroom that had ‘no idea’ where to begin with her carpet search, so we started asking questions and by the second one “do you have pets?” we got a “yes, three dogs” which led us directly to the Bellera display. We explained the stain/odor resistant features of the carpet, along with it’s long-lasting durability and variety of classic, yet on trend looks. She left with 6 samples in hand on the way out, and came back 2 days later to confirm her style + color selection and order her carpet. We’re telling you, you can count on Bellera!

Unrivaled Appearance. Stain Resistance. Accident Protection. Unprecedented Assurance.