Get the Maximalist Look with Your Flooring

In recent years, interior design trends have seen a shift from minimalist and subdued styles to more vibrant and eclectic aesthetics. Maximalism, the art of embracing bold patterns, vibrant colors, and an abundance of decorative elements, has been on the rise and has become a popular choice for those who want to make a statement with their home décor.

One crucial aspect of achieving a maximalist look is choosing the right flooring that complements and enhances the overall aesthetic. In this article by Virgin Carpets and Flooring, we will explore various flooring types that can support a maximalist interior design.

Go For Patterns

When it comes to maximalism, patterns are an absolute must. From bold and intricate designs to subtle geometric shapes, the options are limitless. As you make a selection for your flooring, look for something that will draw attention and complete the look of your interior design. Patterned tiles or carpet can help create an eye-catching statement in any room.

Patterned Tiles

colorful pattern tile pattern carpet

Patterned tiles are an excellent choice for those who want to make a bold statement with their flooring. These tiles often feature intricate designs, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns that can instantly transform a room into a maximalist paradise. Whether you opt for Moroccan-inspired motifs, intricate floral patterns, or a mix of bold colors, patterned tiles add visual interest and character to any space. They work particularly well in entryways, bathrooms, or kitchens, where they can become the focal point of the room.

When it comes to tile, you have two major options: ceramic and LVT. Ceramic tiles are durable and come in a variety of styles, making them an ideal choice for those who want to create a maximalist look. On the other hand, LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is a more affordable option and offers a wide range of styles, textures, and colors to choose from.

Patterned Carpet

colorful pattern carpet

Carpets provide warmth, comfort, and a touch of luxury to any space. When it comes to maximalism, carpets can play a significant role in creating an extravagant and opulent look. Choose carpets with bold patterns, intricate designs, and rich colors to make a statement in a room.

Patterned carpet is another great choice for achieving a maximalist look. Rich, intricate patterns of varying colors can be used to create a unique flooring that instantly adds warmth and character to any room. Whether you opt for geometric motifs, floral designs, or abstract shapes, patterned carpets can add depth and texture to your maximalist décor.

Animal prints are another popular choice for maximalist design. Leopard, zebra, and cheetah patterns can create an exotic and luxurious look that is sure to be the envy of your guests. Animal print carpets work especially well in bedrooms or living rooms, where they act as a bold statement piece that can instantly transform the room into a wild paradise.

Layer it Up

Layering carpets with different textures and patterns can add depth and visual interest to a room. For example, layering a patterned rug over ceramic tile can create a stunning and one-of-a-kind look. This layering technique is also great for combining different colors and textures into one cohesive design. By layering different flooring types, you can achieve a maximalist look that is eclectic but aesthetically pleasing.

Make a Statement with Rugs

Large, vibrant, and bold rugs can transform a space and tie together various elements of the room. Opt for rugs with intricate patterns, contrasting colors, or oversized motifs that demand attention. They can be used to define separate areas within an open floor plan or to add an additional layer of texture and visual interest to a room.

Shag is Back

shag carpet

Nothing says maximalism quite like shag carpets. The fluffy, luxurious texture of shag carpets adds an inviting and cozy feel to any space. Choose from a range of colors and lengths to create your own unique look that can instantly elevate the maximalist aesthetic.

Mix-and-Match Flooring

For those who want a completely unique flooring solution, consider mixing different materials in the same space. By combining tile with wood or stone with carpet, you can create a one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to make an impression. Mix and match flooring also allows you to fully express your own personal style by creating a space that truly reflects your tastes.

Find Your Maximalist Flooring at Virgin Carpets and Flooring

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At Virgin Carpets and Flooring, we have a wide range of flooring options that can help you achieve the maximalist look. Whether you’re looking for patterned tiles, luxurious carpets, or mix-and-match flooring solutions, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you through every step of the way.

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