Hardwood Flooring: Can it Increase My Property or Home Value?

If you are looking to sell your property or you just want to increase your home’s value, installing hardwood flooring is definitely one way to do it. Studies show that adding hardwood floors to your home or property can help you sell more quickly.

How so? Read on to find out in this guide by the hardwood flooring experts at Virgin Carpets and Flooring.

Durability & Low Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

With proper upkeep, hardwood floors can last a lifetime without losing their beauty or strength. This makes them a great investment of your hard earned money.

Many hardwood floors are scratch resistant and even wear resistant – which means they can withstand heavy foot traffic over time without being damaged. Maintenance usually involves wiping hardwood floors down with a damp mop or an inexpensive dust cloth to remove surface dirt.

Hardwood floors are considerably easier to clean than carpeting, which might need deep carpet cleaning several times a year (or more if you have pets)!


Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

Hardwood floors come in many different styles so they can fit any interior design, from contemporary to rustic.

While many types of flooring can appear outdated over time, hardwood floors are classic and timeless. This is something potential homebuyers will appreciate. According to a recent Realtor.com survey of what features delivered the most value in a home, refinished hardwood floors were ranked at the top.

Hardwood floors add visual appeal to any part of the home: the kitchen, master bedroom, family room, laundry room, or even bathroom remodels!

Variety of Options

The variety of hardwood flooring options is immense. Here are just some of the custom features you can select with hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood Colors: Options can range from dark mahogany to light oak.
  • Woodgrain: You can select hardwood flooring that have prominent woodgrain patterns running through them for added texture.
  • Patterns: Designs can range from parquet squares to herringbone patterns running throughout them.
  • Edge details: Hardwood floors can have a variety of edge detail patterns, from rounded edges to beveled and even square.
  • Stain & Finishes: If you’ve seen one hardwood flooring pattern, you haven’t seen them all! Hardwood floors come in various stains and finishes as well such as wire brushed, distressed or satin. These features will allow your hard wood floors to look like they were custom made for the space.


Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

Not all hardwood floors are created equal. Your hardwood flooring cost will vary depending on the type of hardwood, quality, and amount you need. The average cost for hardwood floor materials are $4-6 per square foot with another $4-8 per square foot for installation.

Generally speaking, the average cost for hardwood flooring is higher than other types of flooring. This may have you wondering: Are hardwood floors worth it? Consider that over time you will save a great deal of money in maintenance costs! Moreover, the durability of hardwood means you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. These factors show that wood flooring is a great investment in the long term.


Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

Hardwood floors reduce allergens like dust mites and pet dander that can accumulate in carpets. Since hardwood floors are hypoallergenic, they are an excellent option for allergy sufferers.

Increased Home Value … Here’s the Facts

Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

It’s easy to say that hardwood floors increase home value, but what do the facts indicate? Here are some recent studies hardwoods have been shown to increase home value:

  • According to a report by CNN, hardwood floors can increase the value of your home by 3-5%. That translates to a lot more money in your potential selling price!
  • Professional Builder reported in 2017 that the expected return on investment (ROI) for hardwood floors was somewhere between 70% and 80%. That means if you spent $20,000 on hardwood floors, you can expect to see a return of $14,000-17,000 on your home value. Keep in mind that this ROI may appreciate even more over time.

Turn to Virgin Carpets and Flooring to Install Your Hardwood Floors!

Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value

Hardwood floors can boost home value and are a great investment. It is a flooring option that is durable, good-looking, and easier to clean than other flooring types like carpet. Additionally, many buyers seek hardwood floors as a feature in their new home.

Are you thinking of adding new hardwood flooring to your home? Our expert team at Virgin Carpets and Flooring can install hardwood floors that will last through the years.

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