Questions from Homeowners: Will Carpet Installers Move Furniture?

“Hey Virgin Carpets and Flooring! My mother in PA needs some new carpet installed in her house, but she’s not able to move furniture on her own. Do you offer furniture removal services when you install carpet or flooring?” -Robert F.

As a flooring installation company, one of the most common questions we get from homeowners is this: Will your carpet installers move furniture?

Clients are more than welcome to handle furniture removal on their own if they desire, as this will expedite the project timeline, but we can absolutely provide furniture removal services and will include that in your installation price. (Note: We do require all our clients to remove fragile objects, knick-knacks, and glass from the room prior to the installation.)

So, maybe you’re wondering why furniture removal is a separate service that requires pricing? Let’s explain.

Extra Labor and Time

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First and foremost, removing furniture from a room is additional labor and time that our installers will need to account for.

  • Labor: Our installers are skilled at quickly and efficiently removing and replacing carpet. They will take the same care when moving your furniture, but this is an extra service that they will need to provide. Some furniture such as beds, bookcases, and vanities can require two installers to safely remove.
  • Time: Depending on the furniture type and quantity, it can take 30 minutes to over an hour to remove all the furniture from a room. And as you know, time is money. So it only stands to reason that this will add time (and cost) to your project.

The Virgin Difference

Many carpet and flooring installation companies will not move furniture for you at all. Others will move it, but they will do so without taking the proper precautions to prevent damage. Still others outsource furniture removal to a disreputable third party!

At Virgin Carpets and Flooring, we take extra care to ensure that your furniture is moved safely with our vetted, in-house team…and without incident too! We will work with you to schedule a time to move your belongings before the installation process begins.

Bottom Line: Our Team at Virgin Carpets and Flooring Team Cares About You!

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While most homeowners can handle furniture removal on their own, we understand that there are some circumstances where this is not possible.

For instance, many of our clients are advanced in age or have limitations that prevent them from being able to handle this on their own.

In these cases, we’re happy to provide furniture removal services so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their belongings are in good hands.

So, if you are in need of furniture removal before a carpet or flooring installation, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Virgin Carpets and Flooring. We would be more than happy to assist you! Call us today at 412-653-3424 or contact us online.