See Your Room Come to Life with the Floorvana+ Floor Visualizer by Shaw Floors

Are you looking for a new carpet or flooring option but unsure what the color and style would look like in your home? With Shaw Floors’ Floorvana+ Floor Visualizer tool, you can quickly transform any room into an up-to-date space. This powerful technology helps you make informed decisions about your flooring purchases by seeing the look before you buy.

What is Floorvana+ Visualizer?

floorvana visualizer

Floorvana+ is an online tool that allows you to upload photos of your room, then browse and try on thousands of Shaw Floors’ carpet and flooring options with the click of a button. It can even accommodate angled walls and photos at different angles, giving you an accurate idea of how the new flooring might look in your home. With Floorvana+, there’s no need to guess how a specific pattern or color would look in your space, and you won’t make any unexpected purchases!

You can also adjust furniture, rugs, walls, and more to get an even more realistic view of what your space could become. And if you’re feeling stuck or need more inspiration, Floorvana+ also offers a “style gallery” with hundreds of professionally-designed rooms for further guidance.

Create a Custom Color Palette from an Inspirational Photo

floorvana visualizer color palette

You can create a custom color palette from an inspirational photo on social media or your personal library and instantly view how it looks in the Floorvana+ tool. This feature allows you to easily envision how different colors and styles look together before making a purchase.

Shaw Floors offers a wide range of carpet and flooring options to suit any design style. With Floorvana+, you can easily transform your room into a stylish and chic space with the perfect flooring option.

When you find the perfect match for your space, you can easily connect to one of Shaw Floors’ local retailers to purchase your products and start the installation process.

Why Choose Shaw Floors?

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Quality Materials

Shaw Floors only uses the highest quality fibers and textures in their carpets, so you know your carpet will look great and last a long time. The company also uses advanced technology to ensure that its products are always consistent and of the highest quality.

Durable Construction

All of Shaw Floors’ carpets are constructed to be durable, meaning they resist wear and tear and won’t fade over time. The company also offers a variety of different warranties to fit your needs.

Eco-friendly Materials

Shaw Floors is committed to using eco-friendly materials that are safe for the environment, so you can feel good about making a sustainable choice. The company’s carpets are often made with recycled and renewable fibers, reducing their environmental impact.

Expert Installation

Shaw Floors has a network of experienced installers who know how to properly lay your flooring and ensure it looks excellent. The company also offers professional installation services, so you know your carpet will look great and last a long time.

Visit the Virgin Carpets and Flooring Team

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If you’re ready to experience Shaw Floors and Floorvana+’s fantastic technology, visit Virgin Carpets and Flooring. Our showroom contains the latest carpet and flooring options from Shaw Floors. With the help of our expert staff, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the perfect match for your home. Visit us today to preview the luxury and convenience that comes with Shaw Floors!