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About Somerset Hardwood Flooring

somerset floors in pittsburgh pa

Somerset Hardwood Flooring is handcrafted from the finest hardwood trees in North America, making them a cut above your typical manufacturer in the hardwood industry. Somerset is a family owned business that proudly manufactures their products right here in the USA. In 2016, Somerset acquired Shaw Industries’ flooring division which provides both Mohawk and Shaw brands with a stronger foothold in the marketplace.

Appalachian Hardwood

Somerset is one of the largest suppliers of kiln-dried Appalachian hardwood in North America. Somerset flooring is made from high-quality Appalachian lumber provided by their Somerset Wood Products subsidiary. Somerset has manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Somerset Wood Products also provides lumber to other businesses, such as cabinet and furniture manufacturing. Somerset Wood Products sources roughly 120 sawmill suppliers within a 150-mile radius of their operations for the majority of the Appalachian lumber they handle.

Sustainable Approach

somerset floors in pittsburgh pa

Somerset Hardwood Flooring has committed to a “Waste Not” policy. The company created an environmentally friendly production facility that currently produces 50,000 bags of wood pellets every week. The process uses extra materials from their logging industry which would have otherwise been thrown out as waste. In turn, they are converting waste into a viable fuel source.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring is detail oriented in that they design their plants with cutting-edge machinery by their in-house machinists. This guarantees that strict quality control criteria are fulfilled at every stage of the production process. All lumber at Somerset is rated to NHLA Grades both before and after kiln drying.

At Virgin Carpets and Flooring, we are proud to carry Somerset products, as they are the finest natural hardwood resource. Enhance your residential or commercial space with quality wood flooring from Somerset!

Somerset Flooring offers these hardwood products:

  • Somerset SolidPlus® Engineered Flooring
  • Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Somerset Engineered Wood Flooring

somerset floors in pittsburgh pa

Somerset SolidPlus® Engineered Wood Flooring is created by bonding several layers of hardwood veneer together with a moisture-resistant adhesive. The top layer is always a beautiful, exotic hardwood. Because the veneers are permanently bonded together, Somerset Engineered Flooring is extremely stable and will not expand or contract with changes in humidity. This makes it perfect for installation in any room of your home, including basements.

Engineered hardwood will stand up well to heavy use and high traffic. And unlike solid hardwood, it’s resistant to indentations from furniture legs. It also provides good insulation against sound – so if you’re putting in a new floor or renovating an existing room, you can save money on installation costs by choosing this option over other finishes. Engineered wood is also easier to maintain than other types of hardwood floors. Solid hardwood needs more frequent and detailed maintenance than engineered wood.

Somerset Engineered Flooring comes in these collections:

  • Color Collection
  • High Gloss Collection
  • American Country Collection
  • Character Collection
  • Specialty Collection

Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Somerset Hardwood Flooring is made from solid plank flooring that are sawn from the log “quarter-sawn” style. This produces boards with straight grain and fewer defects. The wood is then kiln dried to remove any moisture, which prevents warping and cupping. No two boards from Somerset Floors are alike! Every board is a unique work of art with its own set characteristics and personality, and the natural beauty and rich coloration is celebrated by Somerset Floors.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring is still the most popular choice for home owners because of their durability. A Somerset hardwood floor is very easy to maintain since solid hardwood is naturally resistant to water damage. Solid hardwood will not absorb liquids, which makes it easy to clean up spills on your new hardwood floor.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring comes in these styles:

  • Character Collection
  • Classic Collection
  • Classic Character Collection
  • Color Plank Collection
  • Color Strip Collection
  • Handcrafted Collection
  • High Gloss Collection
  • Homestyle Collection
  • Specialty Collection
  • Traditional Collection
  • Wide Plank Collection

Why Choose Somerset Hardwood Flooring?

When you choose hardwood flooring from Somerset, you get unparalleled quality backed by a dedicated team. Somerset Hardwood Flooring offers one of the most comprehensive selections of wood floors in the hardwood industry.

Looking to Have Hardwood Flooring Installed from Somerset Hardwood Flooring? Turn to the Experts at Virgin Carpets and Flooring!

shaw floors in pittsburgh paIf you’re looking for quality hardwoods, Somerset Floors is a respected brand to turn to. We are proud to carry their products at Virgin Carpets and Flooring because they represent the very best in wood flooring.

From its rich colors that enhance any space to its handcrafted details that will last a lifetime with just the right amount of care, Somerset Floors stands out from other wood manufacturers.

Contact us now to install the best of Somerset Floors products, including Hand Crafted, Classic, Color Plank, High Gloss, Homestyle, Traditional, and more. Let us help you find the perfect flooring for your space at a reasonable price!


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