How to Prepare for Flooring Installation

Do you have questions about how to prepare for flooring installation? No worries! Read on for some tips from the experts at Virgin Carpets and Flooring.

Are you getting ready to have new flooring installed in your home? When it comes to new flooring, preparation is key. The Virgin Carpets and Flooring team has put together this helpful guide for homeowners on how to prepare their home for their installation day.

From cleaning your floors, getting rid of clutter, and making sure that all furniture will be out of the way during installation – read on for everything you need to know! By taking these simple steps, you can make the process go smoothly and avoid any potential problems.

1. Remove Furniture and Appliances

moving furniture how to prepare for installation

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for flooring installation is clear all furniture and appliances from the installation area. This will ensure there is plenty of space when floor installers arrive, and also minimize the chances of any damage to your belongings.

2. Clean Your Floors

clean your floors how to prepare for installation

Before we begin installing your new flooring, it’s important that your floors are clean and free of any debris or dust. Having a clean, clutter free surface to install flooring or carpeting on will help to ensure a seamless installation and beautiful finish. Vacuum and mop your floors for the best results.

3. Keep Kids and Pets Away

two kids running how to prepare for installation

In addition to keeping furniture and appliances out of the way, it’s also important to keep kids and pets away from the installation area. Our team is highly trained and experienced in flooring installation, but we still want to minimize any potential risks. Keep your loved ones and furry friends safe by keeping them a distance from the work area.

4. Create a Designated Work Zone

work zone how to prepare for installation

Leave some space in your garage or driveway to serve as a designated work zone for your flooring installation. This will ensure that our team has a space to temporarily store materials and tools during installation.

5. Keep it Ventilated

ventilation how to prepare for installation

Make sure your home is well ventilated on the day of installation. The installation will generate some dust and debris, which can be harmful if inhaled. Additionally adhesives can give off gases. If you’re at home during installation, open your windows and turn on any fans to help keep the air clear.

6. Be Available

be available how to prepare for installation

Mark your calendar for installation day! It is a good idea to be available on the day of installation in case there are any questions or concerns. Our team will work diligently to get your new flooring installed as quickly and smoothly as possible, but it’s always good to be available in case something comes up.

We encourage you to communicate with our team before or during installation day. We want your installation to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. This is your floor, so we want it to meet your expectations.

7. Expect the Unexpected

expect the unexpected how to prepare for installation

When our team starts to remove existing flooring, we may discover something that changes our game plan. Obstacles such as water damage, sub-floors that aren’t level, old glue residue, and other flaws can slow down the installation process.

Be prepared for the unexpected and understand that our team will do their best to work through any challenges that may come up.

8. Make Door and Baseboard Adjustments

door adjustment how to prepare for installation

New floors can result in a new floor height. This means you existing baseboards, door, and door frames may need to be adjusted ahead of time. Otherwise, your door may not close properly.

In order to prepare for this change, remove baseboards and have your doors shaved. If you have any questions about making adjustment to your door or door frame, you can always contact your flooring installation team for advice.

Do you have further questions about how to prepare for floor installation? We’ve also created this handy checklist that you can easily download and print.

Trust the Flooring Installers at Virgin Carpets and Flooring to Make Your Vision a Reality

Now that you’re prepared for your new flooring installation day, it’s time to sit back and relax while the flooring installers at Virgin Carpets and Flooring do all of the hard work! We’ll make sure everything goes off without any issues so you can enjoy your brand-new floors in no time at all.

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